Online Writing Classes for Kids

Do you want to write a book? Join me in one of my fun, uplifting classes for kids, teens, and busy adults!

Writing Lessons & Videos on YouTube

On my YouTube video channel for kids: "Kids Can Write a Book," you'll find a wide variety of fun, free creative writing lessons for kids.

I teach kids and teens how to write chapter books and novels, and they actually publish their books! 


My online creative writing classes are a lot of fun with multi-sensory prompts and laughter. It's not just about writing a book. Students build their confidence, storytelling abilities, conversation skills, and overall writing skills in my classes. 


Students feel so proud and confident when they finish their chapter books, novels, or books of stories. They either print out their books or publish their books on or When they get the physical book in the mail, they often show it to the class. It is a huge joy sparkler!


Students can start a live online class today. They don't have to wait for the next session because they are ongoing classes. Students are constantly starting and finishing books. When they sign up, I give them a package to help them brainstorm their book and then they are ready to start. In the first class, they will write their first chapter. 


In every class, they will learn new skills that apply to any chapter. For example, they will learn how to add suspense to their book or how to write interesting dialogue or how to use literary devices such as metaphors, similes, alliteration, assonance, onomatopoeia, and personification. 


They also receive encouraging feedback on their writing. I help their confidence grow while also helping them improve as writers and storytellers. Parents regularly report that their students' regular teachers are stunned by their improvement in all areas of writing, not just in their creative writing, but also in their essays. 


In case you're wondering whether an online class is as good as an in person class, I think it's better. I have twenty years of teaching experience and I run an in person writing program for the Los Angeles School District.  I've found that creative writing is one of those classes that actually works better online because students can dive into their imaginations in the safety and comfort of their homes, without any worries of other students reading over their shoulders or any distractions from other students. They can be brave and creative in their writing and their writing improves much more rapidly. 

Online Writing Classes Through Outschool

I offer continuous and drop-in writing classes for kids and teens through Outschool. Over 100 5-star ratings and counting! I specialize in teaching writing through storytelling in fun, inclusive classes. When you help students use their imagination and you make writing fun, their writing improves in every area.