What Is The Busy Writer Method?

Nowadays, everyone is busy: kids, teens, adults: so how do you fit in the dream of writing a book? The Busy Writer Method is a faster and easier method of writing a book. It's based on my experience as a mom and novelist, as well as my MFA and twenty years of teaching experience. I give you a skill to focus on every time you sit down. These skills are organized in a progressive manner so that you never feel overwhelmed. You simply open the guide and dive into your imagination for a minimum of 15 minutes a day and you'll finish a book. I can't wait to cheer you on! 

I've helped hundreds of people finish books, and I make it fun!

When kids, teens, and adults write books using The Busy Writer Method, they let go of frustration and insecurity and move toward joy, building their creative confidence and growing as people. You will finish your book and it will add joy to your life.  


The Busy Writer Classes and One-On-One Help

I teach kids, teens, and adults online or in person in Los Angeles, CA. People all over the world hire me to help them, taking both asynchronous and live online classes. I teach all ages, guiding you through each step of writing a novel or memoir. 


Novel-Writing Classes for Kids and Teens:

My goal is always to make writing fun and connect with each person. Kids and teens learn best when the teacher cares about them. I see the intrinsic beauty in each kid and I help them see that their words and their stories are important. I use interactive and multi-sensory techniques to engage the kids. I teach private classes as well as classes on Outschool.com where I have top reviews out of all the writing teachers on this huge platform. The wonderful thing about Outschool is you can sign up for an ongoing class and just try it out. You pay per class, no commitment. 


The Busy Writer Asynchronous Class: In 100 days of writing, your novel will be finished!

You will receive a daily focus for your writing so your skills continue to improve. You send me an accountability email every Sunday with a word count and any questions from the craft focus of that week. You can choose a package with or without feedback. Either way, it will help you finish a solid draft within 100 days if you follow my day-by-day plan. 

The Mom Writer Workshop

If you're a mom and a writer, you know how hard it is to sit down and be creative. But you still have a dream! You can do it. I'm a mom and I wrote both of my published books, as well as many more, while raising my kids and working as a teacher. I want every writer mom to experience that feeling of doing your first bookstore reading and seeing your kids gaze up at you with pride. I'm a mom so I get how hard it can be to reach for your dreams while helping your kids reach for theirs. The emotional weight of parenting can make it feel impossible to  write a book. My step-by-step method takes away the stress. You can do it with lots of support. 

I've brought moms together into a writing community that is both fulfilling and joy-inducing, while being time-efficient, resulting in published books. I give mom writers real, proven strategies to find time to write and to be efficient in the writing so that you produce stronger-quality early drafts. Send me an email if you're interested in joining our uplifting group of mom writers: kim (at) kimpurcell.com.

Author Visits and Writing Workshops for Schools

I've visited over fifty school across the United States and Canada, encouraging kids and teens to find joy in writing their own stories and to find ways to be creative even in the middle of high school stress. I talk about easy ways to improve their writing, which tends to be quite popular since not every kid wants to become a novelist, but every kid writes every day, either online or texting or essays for school. I also give talks to teens on human trafficking. If you'd like to see my reviews, here is my Outschool profile. 


Adults: Go to my YouTube channel @thebusywriter for free video workshops for adults on how to write a novel. 


Kids: Go to My YouTube channel @authorkimpurcell for free video workshops for kids on how to write a chapter book.


Email me for the FREE BUSY WRITER START-UP PACKAGE:  kim@kimpurcell.com.

Ask for the free package to get you started! It includes the step by step digital PDF with activities to help you brainstorm your story, plot, characters, and world, and ten videos on the core skills you'll need to start writing your book. This is a gift from me to you to get you started. 






PENS ON FIRE is designed as a book for teachers to give writing experiments to teens. I wrote it with Keren Taylor at WriteGirl (writegirl.org) when I was the Curriculum Director of WriteGirl. For years, Keren and I had worked together to create engaging monthly writing workshops for over 100 teens and mentors. Over the course of that time, many teens would tell us that they wished teachers at school taught writing this way so we created this book with some workshops for teachers to do. 

Some of my favorite books on writing are:

by Natalie Goldberg

by Stephen King

by Lajos Egri