Kim Purcell


"This novel offers a hard look at the realities of human trafficking and modern-day slavery. Purcell has created an accessible story that young adults can find themselves relating to and sympathizing with...Mature readers will be intrigued by descriptions of Moldovan culture and the intricacies of language and understanding, and will be completely immersed in this suspenseful, heartbreaking, and excellent read. " -VOYA 5Q **Starred Review**

"It's not easy to write a well-paced novel in which the protagonist is hidden away, never does anything and only goes outside four times in six months, but the tension of the story resides in the mystery of what exactly is going on. What forces brough Hannah to LA? Who are Sergey and Lillian? What is in store for Hannah? The final hundred pages pack a wallop as mysteries are revealed and Hannah almost suffers the fate she most fears. An eye-opening debut novel about modern-day slavery in America." Horn Book  

"In this timely and fiercely honest debut novel, paced like a thriller, Purcell confronts the economic and sexual brutality inherent in the practice of human trafficking...The novel's intelligent, feisty heroine and strongly sketched supporting cast prove a powerful lens into this shocking issue and its psychological costs." Publisher's Weekly

"Purcell’s well-researched look into human
trafficking has the slow pull of a dawning nightmare, and the simplest of events—say, a dinner party—are soaked with almost unbearable tension. Sergey and Lillian are not entirely good or evil, which puts readers
in the same confused, helpless state as Hannah. Gritty, realistic, and eye-opening.
" Booklist

"Many reluctant readers won’t be able to put down this riveting novel. . . The characters ring true and as the plot reaches a crisis point, readers will be drawn in by the suspense of Hannah’s captivity. - School Library Journal

"Chillingly credible and unflinchingly revealed...Hannah herself, compelling and believable, keeps readers focused on her plight and that of other de facto slaves worldwide" - Kirkus Reviews




Bankstreet College of Education Best Children's Books of the Year 2013 - Fourteen and Older

Teen Choice Book of the Year Award Nominee (2013)

Eliot Rosewater Indiana High School Book Award List (2013)

YARP nominee: Young Adult Reading Program book award nominee 2013-2014


2013-2014 South Carolina Book Award Nominee in the YA category


Missouri Association of School Libraries: 2014-2015 MASL Readers Awards Final Nominee for the Gateway Award

San Juan-Alamo-Pharr School District Book of 2013 

School District of Oconee County Best YA Book Nominee


Madison Reads Book of 2013 for Madison High School - Portland, OR