Kim Purcell

Discussion Guide for TRAFFICKED

1. What is Hannah’s life like in Moldova? Why does she want to leave Moldova?

2.  What are some of the cultural differences Hannah experiences when she comes to Los Angeles?

3. Hannah is still dealing with the grief of losing her mother and father a year before she comes to America. How does that affect how she sees her situation and how she responds?

4. What red flags do you think Hannah missed when the good agent first contacts her in the market?

5. What does Hannah experience in her journey from Chisinau to Los Angeles? What do you think she could have done differently when things go wrong?

6. How does Lillian threaten Hannah? What does she say? Why do her words have such an impact on Hannah? Do you think every girl would react the same way?

7. How does Lillian punish Hannah? What effect does this punishment have?

8. Describe Hannah’s relationship with Sergey. Why do you think she’s confused by her feelings and by his? How does she use his attraction to her to get what she needs?

9. How does Hannah feel about the children, Maggie and Michael? How do they make Hannah’s life easier or harder?

10. Early in the book, Hannah starts watching Colin, the boy next door. How is his life different from hers? How is it the same?

11. How does Colin help her overcome her depression about her situation? How does he, without trying, motivate her to act?

12. Why do you think Lillian and Sergey took Hannah? Do you feel any sympathy for either of these characters? Which character did you find yourself disliking the most in the novel? Why?

13. When the story ends, do you think Hannah and Colin will continue their relationship? Will they be friends or more?

14.  What was the most upsetting part of this story for you? Why?

15.  What do you think happens to Hannah after the story ends?

16.  How do you think modern-day slavery can be stopped? What can we do to prevent it? How can we help the victims? Did you feel motivated to act in some way? If so, what would you like to do?