Kim Purcell

Help Trafficked Teens (and Kids)

If you’ve read my novel, TRAFFICKED, and you’d like to find a way to help vulnerable teens and kids around the world, I’m very grateful. So much needs to be done to stop this problem. I’m donating twenty percent of my earnings from TRAFFICKED, so if you’ve bought the book, you’ve already helped in some way. But if you are inspired, there’s a lot more you can do.

Here are some of my ideas. Please send in comments to my blog to let me know what you’re doing. I’m sure you’ll come up with some amazing ideas of your own.

  1. Volunteer with one of the organizations listed below.
  2. Write a politician and say that you want stronger legislation to protect kids and teens who are trafficked, enslaved or prostituted.
  3. Spread the word and get your friends to spread the word via Facebook and Twitter. Retweet articles about trafficking.
  4. Start a business to earn money to help kids and teens who’ve been trafficked. You could design t-shirts or jewelry to fight trafficking and create awareness at the same time.
  5. Make sure you aren’t buying anything that might be made using slave labor, including clothing, coffee and jewelry.
  6. Donate. Even a little bit helps.


Here are some great organizations which work to fight against human trafficking, but there are so many more.

La Strada International
This is an organization that works tirelessly in Moldova to create awareness so that their girls aren’t trafficked and enslaved. They did the “You are Not a Product” campaign to stop trafficking in Moldova. In TRAFFICKED, I talk about their posters with the girl struggling in a giant hand. When I went to Moldova, they talked to me about why certain girls are more vulnerable and they explained the work they do to repatriate the girls back to Moldova and help them rebuild their lives.

Salvation Army
The people at Salvation Army gave me information about the trafficking laws and the police response, which helped with the end of the book. They believe in prosecuting and getting the traffickers behind bars.

Safe Horizon
Their focus is on helping the victims. They work toward giving them the confidence to start a new life. For the book, they talked a lot about why girls stay in these situations and they helped me understand the kinds of questions the caseworker would ask and how she’d help Hannah.

Cast LA
The CAST safe house for trafficked girls and women in LA is where Hannah would be going at the end of the book. I talked to the people at Cast and initially had a scene at the end of the back where she was at the safe house, but we ended up deciding that the beach was a stronger ending.

Love 146

I highly recommend this international organization based out of New York City. Rob Morris, the co-founder of this non-profit, has been a big supporter of TRAFFICKED as a tool of awareness. He wrote that "Trafficked shows the reality of how the different forms of trafficking often overlap & are connected. (Trafficked) is a riveting novel and accurate portrayal of human trafficking. A must read.” Love 146 has done really impressive work both in preventing trafficking and helping survivors to recover from the trauma and start new lives.