Kim Purcell

English as a Foreign Language Teachers (and Students)

When I taught English as a Second Language to intermediate and advanced conversation and TOEFL classes, I always wished there were ESL guides for regular novels written for older teens and adults. I’m not talking about the readers the publishers make, which are simplified books of literature for EFL/ESL. I’m talking guides for unaltered contemporary and classic novels. There were none when I was teaching.

I would tell my students to read books for kids and young adults, since they were often written in a simpler way, which would be easier to understand. So, my students would pick up books like Harry Potter, get confused and come to me with a bunch of questions. It was better than nothing. At least they read. I believe one of the best ways to gain fluency is to speak and read only in English. It’s more effective than going to class every day and then reading and speaking in your own language for the rest of the day. However, I wanted more for them and this is what I’d like to provide for you with my first young adult novel.

Since the main character in TRAFFICKED is a girl who is trying to learn English as a Second Language, I think it’s excellent for intermediate to advanced ESL students. The book brings up a lot of great discussion questions for these students. Also, the main character, Hannah, makes quite a few English mistakes, which you can then use in your grammar and vocabulary lessons. Furthermore, I believe that if we can get the issue of trafficking and human slavery to as many people who speak ESL as possible, we can work on decreasing this terrible problem in our world.

I’m providing a PDF file for you, which contains both vocabulary words and discussion questions for each chapter in TRAFFICKED.

If you are a student reading this, that’s wonderful. You can download the PDF also and do the work on your own. Please send me your comments!