Kim Purcell


Hannah is an ordinary teenager growing up in Moldova until her parents are killed in a terrorist bombing. While she’s still mourning the loss, she gets an offer that sounds too good to be true: a job as a nanny for a Russian family in Los Angeles.

At first, it seems like her luck has finally turned around, but life with the Platonovs quickly spirals into a nightmare. Lillian, the mother, forces Hannah to work sixteen-hour days cleaning, and won’t let her leave the house. Sergey, the father, is full of secrets. And they refuse to pay Hannah...  READ MORE

Help Trafficked Teens

If you’ve read my novel, TRAFFICKED, and you’d like to find a way to help vulnerable teens and kids around the world, I’m very grateful. So much needs to be done to stop this problem... READ MORE

Pens on Fire

PENS ON FIRE is designed as a book for teachers to give writing experiments to teens. I wrote it with Keren Taylor at WriteGirl ( when I was the Curriculum Director of WriteGirl.

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